Area 1007sft
Bedroom 3
Toilet 2
Kitchen 1
Veranda 1
Living Room 1
Dining Room 1

Interior Design

Floor Plan

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4’’ Plain Concrete Slab with reinforcement.
Wall Frame- Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Structure frame.
Roof Frame- LGS Roof Truss system frame
Exterior wall – Steel Siding of 0.3mm thickness.
Interior wall – 12mm Gypsum board.
Toilet wall – 9mm fiber cement board. Full wall covered with wall tiles.
Exterior Wall Steel Siding – KY Two Tone Color.
Interior Wall – Market Standard Plastic Paint Color.
Main Entry - Wooden Door (3'-4'' X 7’-0”)
Toilet Entry - PVC Door (2'-6" X 7’-0”)
Bed Room Entry - UPVC Door (3'-0'’ X 7’-0”)
Room Window - Thai Aluminum Sliding Window with Grill (4'-0''X 4'-6'')
Toilet Window - Thai Aluminum Sliding Window with Grill (1'-6''X 1'-6'')
Kitchen Window - Thai Aluminum Sliding Window with Grill (3'-6''X 3'-6'')
Bamboo/Glazed Profile Steel Roof Tile. 0.3mm thickness.
Color: KY Two Tone Color.
Room Floor: Net cement finishing. Tiles can be added based on Client's Requirements with additional cost.
Toilet Floor: Toilet floor will be covered by Standard Floor Tiles.
Gypsum/PVC False Ceiling. Ventilator system will be provided with net.
Insulation under roof tiles and inside all exterior wall.
Standard quality electric cables & fixtures will be provided. Electric switches will be gang switch type & 01nos fridge & 01 AC socket will be provided.
Standard quality Bruss metal toilet and kitchen fixtures.

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