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To place an order for a house, please follow these steps-

  • Step 01: Browse our website, social media ads, product catalog, or consult with a company representative to select the house design that suits your needs or you can customize your own house design upon consultation.

  • Step 02: Once you've chosen a design, reach out to our customer care center at +880961080080 or use the contact information provided on our website. Our representatives will assist you with any details you need.

  • Step 03: : If you're satisfied with the initial information and wish to proceed, our customer care center will forward your contact information to a sales team member who will be in touch to provide further details and finalize your order. Please note a deposit of minimum 50,000 Tk is required for a one-storied house and minimum 100,000 Tk for a duplex house to confirm your order. This deposit will be adjusted with the total price of the house.

  • Step 04: After booking, a site visit by our site engineer will be arranged. Once everything is finalized and an agreement is made with KY Two Tone Ltd, please make payments according to our "Payment Policy."

  • Step 05: We will complete and hand over your "Ready to Live" house within 45-60 days from the start of construction for one-storied house and 4-5 months for a duplex house.

Please follow the below steps regarding the payment process-

•40% of total amount to be paid at the time of signing agreement by A/C payee Cheque or online bank Transfer.

•50% of total amount to be paid after the completion of Structure Installation by A/C payee Cheque or online bank transfer.

•10% of total amount to be paid at the time of completion of finishing work before handover by A/C payee Cheque or online bank transfer.

•Any kind of payment to KY Two Tone will be done only at the following “Bank accounts”.

Account 1:
Account Name : KY Two Tone Ltd.
Account No. : 01 800 85965 001
Bank Name : IFIC Bank Limited
Branch Name : Agrabad Branch
Routing Number : 120150135

Account 2:
Account Name : KY Two Tone Ltd.
Account No. : 2052242450001
Bank Name : BRAC Bank Limited
Branch Name : Agrabad Branch
Routing Number : 060150132





Will the LGS homes be warm given that they are constructed using steel?

Enough insulation is incorporated within the frames of LGS houses to regulate temperature. We use glass wool insulation under the roof tiles and a combination of glass wool and bubble insulation in all exterior walls. This makes the houses comfortable in all seasons.

Are the houses capable of being moved?

Certainly, since KY Two Tone homes are entirely constructed with LGS structure, the framework can be disassembled and relocated to different locations.

Is it possible to build houses anywhere in Bangladesh?

Certainly, our services extend across all regions of Bangladesh where our materials can be transported, except for islands or areas where transporting materials is challenging. However, we can build houses in those locations if clients ensure transportation. Light gauge steel, being galvanized, is resistant to rust and can thrive in any environment.

What is the longevity of LGS houses?

Our houses have a longevity of 50 years and more. Additionally, we offer a 5-year structural warranty and a 1-year free service warranty to our customers.

Is there any hidden charges?

No, the price remains fixed as outlined in the contract, with no additional charges.

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