Bangladesh, with a growing population and economy, has certainly opened up opportunities in the house-building sector. Our government has been making significant progress in the planning of affordable housing policies and implementing agendas signifying housing as a right and a requirement for realizing social change.
Keeping that in mind, KY Steel, one of the leading CI Sheet Manufacturers in Bangladesh, has geared up to provide a sustainable new housing solution with state-of-the-art technology and with raw materials the company produces.


KY Two Tone is a new venture of KY Steel, delivering a well-engineered housing solution with the Light Gauge Steel Structure system for the first time in Bangladesh.

It is the most commonly used structural system in Australia, America, Europe, the Middle East, etc. This system is gaining popularity in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the UAE, and Myanmar.

Why KY TWO TONE is the best choice? Two Tone is well engineered houses with the following features

Superior Design
Eco Friendly
High Wind Resistant
Low maintenance
Loan Facility

How We Work

Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly