Bangladesh, with a growing population and economy, has certainly opened up opportunities in the house-building sector. Our government has been making significant progress in the planning of affordable housing policies and implementing agendas signifying housing as a right and a requirement for realizing social change.
Keeping that in mind, KY Steel, one of the leading Flat Steel Manufacturers in Bangladesh, has geared up to provide a sustainable new housing solution with state-of-the-art technology and with raw materials the company produces.


KY Two Tone is a new venture of KY Steel, delivering a well-engineered housing solution with the Light Gauge Steel Structure system for the first time in Bangladesh.

It is the most commonly used structural system in Australia, America, Europe, the Middle East, etc. This system is gaining popularity in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the UAE, and Myanmar.

Why KY TWO TONE is the best choice? Two Tone is well engineered houses with the following features


Eco Friendly

LGS structure is 100% recyclable and all production waste is recycled. LGS structure also requires a fraction of transport and power required from conventional construction system. The construction is done in a dust free site environment.

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Superior Design

Our design team provides superior eco-friendly house designs to our clients. The sophisticated interior design and exterior outlook make our houses unique to everyone around.

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Earthquake & Cyclone Resistant

KY Two Tone house structures are highly resistant against earthquakes and cyclones due to their well-engineered structure and low weight


Rapid Construction

Construction is between 50% faster than conventional construction systems. With approximately 70% of the construction completed in the factory there is no risk of weather delays.


Recording Heat Loss at the House With Infrared Thermal Camera

Thermal Efficiency

The use of insulation within the wall frame and underneath the roofing sheet makes the temperature inside the house more comfortable. Our houses have more heat efficiency than most of the conventional systems which ultimately lowers electricity cost.

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Project Management and Maintenance

The houses are sold as a “Turn Key Project” under which we provide the solution from taking an order to handing over the project. Design and Implementation are done by our in-house Architects & Engineers. Low maintenance is one of the main features of our houses to help our clients save money.



KY TWO TONE: MAKING YOUR DREAM HOME COME TRUE!Find your dream home with us!

STEPS TOWARD YOUR DREAM HOMEA house is a dream cherished for years, an abode of amity, a personal space to rest after a tedious day, a place to call home. A home is way more than just a financial possession. We understand the value of your dream and are committed to fulfilling it with our utmost determination and knowledge. Our work is not just a job for us; it is the art of creating a space where feelings of ease, familiarity, comfort, and a sense of belonging emerge. The KY TWO TONE team has taken the initiative to make your dream a reality that exceeds your expectations.

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Planning and designing a home means crafting someone’s dream into reality. Whatever your vision for your home is, KY Two Tone has an extensive selection of architectural designs to suit any lifestyle at any life stage. From evaluating the perfect site to designing your home and bringing it to life, our expert team is here to guide you through the entire process. The client’s wish list of expectations, the plot characteristics, and the architect’s skill and experience are combined to create the house design. And we do it by working hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire experience.

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A home is an emotional and financial support for life, so we understand the importance of having a house that will be an asset for you and your upcoming generation as well. Our high-quality materials ensure you a safe and secure home that will last a lifetime or more. Upon completion of the design, KY TWO TONE will produce working and construction drawings and manufacture all necessary materials for the production of your home to begin. Each component of your prefabricated home is manufactured in our quality-controlled production facilities. Following a final quality inspection, all components are loaded and shipped to site.

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We invest the highest level of quality and care in all our projects, so your family can enjoy a beautiful, welcoming home for years to come. An experienced and efficient KY TWO TONE installation team installs the houses within a short period of time. This trademark speed is enabled by the meticulous and methodical pre-manufacturing processes applied in our factory, as well as intelligent logistical planning. Within days, the structures of the houses are installed. Then the home is watertight, and the interior fit-out work is done by skilled labor. After the project manager’s final quality inspection, the house is ready for handover and for the family to move in.

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In the end, the desired dream comes true! You can see it in the details and feel it in the craftsmanship from the moment you walk into a KY Two Tone home: this is where form meets function, the representation of your exquisite taste. We pride ourselves on building strong, lifelong relationships through our quality products, which help us continue to flourish and progress.

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After Sales Service

KY TWO TONE’s service and support do not end with the delivery of your home. Our after-care experts provide a prompt, flexible, and reliable service as part of the home’s initial agreement. Our team will always be by your side should any work or service be required after handover. The KY TWO TONE team is also delighted to assist owners beyond the contract period—a life-long partner for you and your home.