Environment Policy

The goal of KY Two Tone Ltd is to achieve and maintain a management and organizational level through a systematic approach that will minimize the negative impact of our industrial activity on the environment while at the same time maximizing the health of all people in the territory of the company or nearby.

In our steel manufacturing process and all our workplaces, we follow the following environmental principles that govern all our work:

  • We comply with legislative and other environmental, health, and safety requirements as a basis for continuous improvement of the environmental performance of our company.
  • Marketing and developing products that can be recycled, reused, or safely disposed of while avoiding the use of raw materials or materials that will endanger human life or health.
  • Develop, operate facilities and activities in collaboration with specialized workplaces concerning energy and material efficiency, environmental friendliness, minimization of workplace risks, and respect for the principle of sustainable use of secondary resources.
  • Prevent the occurrence of emergencies, the consequences of which could harm the environment and the safety and health of people in workplaces or nearby.
  • Motivate employees and systematically increase their expertise, competence, and responsibility to protect the environment and reduce safety risks.
  • Address the legitimate views and interests of stakeholders, e.g., when selecting suppliers and their subcontractors, determining the scope of the organization’s context, setting binding requirements, etc.
  • We are committed to continual improvement in our environmental performance. We shall set objective targets, develop, implement, and maintain management standards and systems, and go beyond compliance with the relevant industry standards, legal, and other requirements.