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Who we are

Over the last 40 years, “KDS” has grown exponentially and reached its glorious height through innovation, dynamism, untiring effort, and dedication. In 1989, KDS established KY Steel, one of the first world-class galvanized iron sheet manufacturing companies in Asia. KY Steel currently holds 18% of the total flat steel market in Bangladesh.

Today, KY Steel encompasses its footprint throughout all 64 districts in the nation and is also regarded as one of the highest exporters of flat steel products from Bangladesh, proudly extending its presence over 22 countries throughout the Globe.

To strategically expand KDS’s existing businesses, we have introduced “KY TWO TONE” under the roof of KY Steel. KY Two Tone is a complete housing solution provider with the latest technology of Light Gauge Steel (LGS) framing and maintaining international standard good quality building materials. We provide a “turn-key solution” for our clients to build their own dream houses.

Designing, modeling & engineering, timeline control, full package of building materials supply, on-site construction, and after-sales support are our major services.

To Be a Globally Preferred Company.

Light Gauge Steel Construction

Light Gauge Steel (LGS) frames are constructed from structural-grade cold rolled steel that has been shaped using a state-of-art computerized roll-forming machine with features like built-in notches, dimpling, slots, and service holes. These frames are put together using premium quality metal screws and constructions to create the LGS wall and roof structures of the house.

For corrosion prevention, the steel utilized in LGS forms is covered with a layer of Zinc (Galvanized) or a combination of Zinc and aluminum (Galvalume). The thickness of this coating can be adjusted to suit a variety of environments.

KY TWO TONE presents fully engineered houses with the following attributes:

  1. High corrosion-resistant steel coated with zinc and aluminum was used as the raw material.
  2. Computer-aided structural design is carried out using advanced software.
  3. High wind resistance connections are used in structures to ensure safety.
  4. Significant importance is given to designing roof connectors.

Our VisionTo be one of the most respected steel manufacturers in the country that will pursue a relentless pursuit of the owner’s equity, growth and unsurpassed quality in everything we do.

Our Core Values:

✅ Doing the right things.

✅ Pursuit of Challenge and success.

✅ Winning.

✅ Inclusive Meritocracy.

✅ Leadership.

✅ Trusting & Teamwork.

The companies operating under the arm of the KY Steel division include:

KY Steel Mills Limited.     KYCR Coil Industries Limited.     Steel Accessories Limited.      KY Two Tone Limited.

➜ Our Factories:

KYCR Coil Industries Limited Unit-1

KYCR Coil Industries Limited Unit-2

Steel Accessories Limited.