KYTT- EL 005


Area 2016sft
Bedroom 4
Toilet 4
Kitchen 1
Veranda 5
Living & Dining 1
Family Living 1
Dressing Room 1

Ground Floor Interior Design

First Floor Interior Design

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

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Foundation work for two storied structures as per design recommendation.
Wall Frame- Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Structure. Insulation will be provided inside the exterior wall structure to reduce the temperature of the house.
Room wall cladding: Interior wall– Gypsum Board, Exterior wall– Steel Siding.
Toilet wall- Half wall height will be covered by wall tiles.
Main Entry– WPC Door
Toilet Entry- PVC Door
Bed Room Entry- uPVC Door
Thai Aluminum window with grill.
Ground Floor Roof Slab- RCC Deck Slab.
First Floor Roof Slab- RCC Deck Slab. Insulation will be provided under the roof to reduce the temperature inside the house.
Profile Type- Bamboo/Glazed Profile Roof Tile.
1.Net cement finishing. Tiles can be added based on Client's Requirements with additional cost.
2.Toilet floor will be covered with floor tiles.
Interior false ceiling will be provided. Ventilator system will be provided to ensure air flow and reduce temperature inside.
1.Standard quality electric cables & fixtures will be provided.
2.Standard quality metal toilet fixture will be used.

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