Prefabrication is more efficient than traditional on-site construction since manufacturing through a production line is more controlled and accurate. These buildings provide plenty of benefits for producers, suppliers, and end-users. If planners are able to effectively manage projects, dividing activities on- and off-site allows greater flexibility on the project schedule and costs. In terms of market opportunities, prefabricated buildings will benefit from the trend towards green sustainability or eco-friendliness. Prefabricated houses, or prefabs, are buildings with components (walls, roof, and floor) that are manufactured in a factory or plant. The KY Two Tone project is a prefab light gauge steel building solution. This unique turn-key project provides the customers a house with all the materials prefabricated in our very own factory. The assembly of our prefabricated metal buildings is extremely simple. The pieces are clearly marked for easy identification. Step-by-step, the building is erected using high-strength bolts and self-drilling screws. Our prefab metal buildings are very easy to assemble, much like a giant erector set. The houses have certain qualities that make housing easier! • Aesthetic designs and unique cladding • Faster completion with average production period 4-8 weeks • Economic in terms of materials used, foundation required and assembling • Erection process is easy and fast • Seismic resistance because of the low weight flexible light gauge steel frames • Every step is done under the supervision of our expert site engineers at all times • The ability to monitor closely every stage of production eliminates the possibility of production mistakes and as a result customers get a maintenance free building. Erection of the structural steel system is done by KY Two Tone experienced teams. The painted steel sections are lifted into place by crane, and then bolted together by making sure each bolt is tightened to exactly the right amount of torque. Just like that with a few steps the KY Two Tone house is ready for you to live in.