In the past few decades, brick and cement construction has gradually become obsolete. Throughout the world, new techniques are being developed to make building faster and easier. People are now more conscious about their environment now, so the new techniques of housings are being invented keeping that in mind. An eco-friendly house may sound bizarre as building a house causes a lot of environmental damage in Bangladesh. Air pollution, sound pollution, water pollution from all the construction wastage thrown in the river and so on. But foreign countries are now more and more environmentally cautious which led them to build newer houses to save the environment. Let’s learn about eco-friendly houses first and then we will dive into the variety of ways of making this type of houses. An eco-friendly home is a house that respects the environment, is constructed from non-toxic materials and are energy-efficient both in both their construction and usage. However, with new technologies and construction methods mean that the concept of an “eco-friendly home” is constantly changing. But there are some certain criteria to fulfill to make this houses even if the ways or materials might be different. The design of the houses must be in harmony with its surrounding from the moment the blueprints are drawn up; the selected materials should be natural, recyclable and non-pollutant; the electrical appliances should reduce energy consumption of the home. The goals of an eco-friendly house are, therefore, to produce the least amount of pollutants, reduce any losses of energy, and to save money. Using recyclable building materials is a great way to make eco-friendly houses among which steel is very popular all over the world. For the first time in Bangladesh, KY Two Tone has introduced eco-friendly houses made of light gauge steel using the widely recognized European technology.